Please be sure that a character isn't joking, and that the stream appears to bear on the plot. They fought on different sides during the Battle of the Lake and at Mexican L'Manberg after Punz betrayed the country. Unnamed dogs and a horse in Sapnap's secret base. How did Tommyinnit lose his canon lives? He used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, as confirmed by one of his now former main Discord admins & Twitch moderators [4] after he posted a picture of the Twitch headquarters, located in San Francisco. Karl asked Sapnap if Quackity was going to move to Kinoko Kingdom, but Quackity said he had been working on his own country that he started after El Rapids. George and Dream met on BadBoyHalo's Minecraft server, MunchyMC. Specify what needs to be changed and leave evidence (in the form of a clip, tweet, etc.) Sapnap cracked part of the Egg and wanted to put holy water on it. [4] This was never actually done, however, and the concept of resurrection did not come into play again until the Disc Confrontation on January 20, 2021. Sapnap said that Dream deserved to be in prison but hoped that they could still be friends. Sapnap is a founding member of the Dream SMP, being the fourth member joining on April 24, 2020. While Sapnap said he would attend, he never ended up doing so. Sapnap was concerned as he had heard Tommy freaking out and talking to himself. Dunno, this is just the list that Wilbur posted. [13] He also blamed Dream for destroying Mexican L'Manberg when it was Quackity who did so. Karl could no longer remember his relationship with Quackity, only recalling that Quackity played a part in Karl losing a canon life. Sapnap and Karl decided to offer Rutabagville as a new state of Manberg which was agreed to and Rutabagville became a part of Manberg. [110], Sapnap eventually got his pets back and kept them in his new secret base. ", "He chose Michael. [122] Sam helped Tommy and Sapnap with their drug operation and showed off his secret base to them. He joined the tournament in MCC 7. He tried to help George regain his throne but was unsuccessful in doing so. Sapnap said he was going to set up a trap to kill Dream, but before that he would find out who was working with Dream and use the book on them. They were on opposing sides in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, with Sapnap taking Tubbo's first canon life in the Final Control Room. Sapnap tried to chase them down but lost them in the Nether. [72], Sapnap told Mexican Dream that they were looking for Quackity and asked if Mexican Dream knew him, as Quackity also used to be part of Mexican L'Manberg. Brrrrrrrrrki. Implied two other lives lost in unknown events; it is not clear how or when he lost those lives. He is well known as one of the members of the Dream Team, consisting of fellow competitors, Dream and GeorgeNotFound. Sapnap told Mexican Dream that George had a sleeping issue and did not really notice anything that happened outside his house. Sapnap started the war when he accidentally killed Fungi while shooting fire arrows around it as a prank. I stand by George. Sapnap asked if he could make a deal with DreamXD instead. Before leaving, Quackity assured Sapnap that he was still welcome to visit Las Nevadas whenever he wanted. Sapnap said that if Dream got his armor, he would do the same things that he had done in the past. 1. Limited12 [Karl Jacobs] (November 7, 2020). Dream Team Streams [Dream] (May 14, 2020). 3. GeorgeNotFound Streams (February 10, 2021). After killing Juorse, Sapnap, with the help of Dream and George, staged a suicide to regain Tommy's attention and directed him to his secret base where Sapnap housed his pets. Sapnap was furious when he heard of the panda's death, blaming Ant for the panda being on low health. Early on, Sapnap briefly considered overthrowing Schlatt to exploit the land for oil. Sapnap VODS - Unofficial [Sapnap] (March 23, 2021). The two fought briefly until Dream escaped the area and Sapnap lost track of him. 5. . [47], Sapnap and Punz fought together against the Badlands in the Second Pet War. Niki managed to flee with Dream, Technoblade and Philza. Do you know who I have on, "Whichever side offers me listen, listen, listen whichever side offers me more clout is the side I'm going on. Since Boo is Ranboo's ghost counterpart and Ranboo has been revived. [34] During Eret's betrayal in the Final Control Room, Sapnap took Tubbo's first canon life. CatfactsPW [Purpled] (September 10, 2022). As Tommy was about to take his third canon life, Dream explained that the book Schlatt had given him shortly before the Manberg vs Pogtopia War in order to convince him to help Manberg was a book that could resurrect the dead. He is also known for his variety livestreams from Minecraft to other video games on his Twitch channels. Dude, I don't know I don't know what sick joke he's playing, but he must be joking. A non-canon death is a death that does not change the player's amount of remaining lives, does not bear weight on the plot, or is directly confirmed by the writers or players not to be canon. [66], The next day, Sapnap was among the people who came through the portal with Punz to rescue Tommy and Tubbo from Dream. [64], The Disc Confrontation was an event staged by Dream and Punz to make everyone believe that Punz had betrayed Dream by getting him locked up in Pandora's Vault. Dream Team Streams [Dream] (August 1, 2020). "So, you're gonna tell me where Dream is. As a result, Tubbo and Fundy allowed Sapnap to join them as the third member of the Dreamon Hunters. However, Tommy refused and the pets remained unharmed. After he built the community pet house, Sapnap found her sitting outside next to signs placed by Punz to keep others from killing her. Sapnap had heard about how Dream had claimed to the L'Manberg cabinet that he did not care about anything on the server anymore except for Tommy's discs. Sapnap then considered whether he should temporarily work together with Dream to kill Foolish, since Foolish knew of the existence of the Book of Death. You have to stay here, okay? He also streams games unrelated to Minecraft on his alternate Twitch account (currently Sapnapalt). [1] Quackity and Sapnap founded Mexican L'Manberg along with George. [48][49] After being a citizen alongside Nihachu for a while, Schlatt approached Karl and asked for his support in the upcoming war. [69] They worked together to move Karl's library to the future site of the kingdom and put up posters to promote Kinoko. Karl did not respond to this and told Sapnap to follow him alone. [151], A while later, Sapnap entered Las Nevadas where Quackity gave him a tour of the nation. [38] The two continued this back-and-forth, and Sapnap had to move his pets into hiding. Sapnap considered killing Foolish, but DreamXD wanted him to kill BadBoyHalo instead since he disliked him so much. He has fought in multiple events involving the killing of pets such as The Pet War, Battle of the Lake, The Second Pet War, and The Final Pet War, and in every major war on the Dream SMP since its creation. Sapnap encountered DreamXD after finding and attempting to use the Book of Death. He believed that Sapnap was not the right person to own the book and wondered how he could obtain it for himself. However, if she were to return to the server in the future, she would have three canon lives remaining. [7], On February 10, 2021, after working on Karl's library, Sapnap headed to visit Dream in Pandora's Vault. [12], Foolish eventually learned from DreamXD that Sapnap found the Book of Death and that Sapnap was able to kill him with the book. Dream wrote to Sapnap that he "took so long," to visit, to which Sapnap answered that he had a hard time coming due to the fact he was hurt by Dream in the past. "I will not hesitate to burn the pants, kill the animals, and blow up the grave. It used to be in the Community House along with Skechers and another unnamed fox. When Dream proposed killing Sapnap, Foolish told him to hold off on that as he still had plans with Sapnap and preferred him to be alive. [76], The two toured Kinoko Kingdom until they stumbled across Karl in his library. [116], Sapnap tried to hide his pets, but Fundy found them and took them hostage. However, Sapnap refused to do so. Sapnap gets along with Eryn well, though he does not talk to him often. Sapnap ordered Dream to step back and protected the two from him. 6. After Tommyinnit's death, he is now also considered dead, with zero canon lives remaining. He got to the armor and took it, along with Dream's weapons. Killed by Bad in a fight over what to do with The Egg on October 29, 2022. [15], After Dream escaped from Pandora's Vault, Sapnap encountered him in Snowchester. [79], After searching around the server for a while, Sapnap and Sam came to the conclusion that Dream would most likely go find his armor first. [100] Dream gave Mars to Tommy during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower to use as leverage against Sapnap. Tubbo was in possession of it for a while, then it was taken by Sapnap (it is unknown how he got it), then taken back by Dream during The Beach Episode. [15], Since he can be highly emotional and blinded by anger, Sapnap generally chooses violence over diplomacy. You'll have to go. During the, Fundy and Sapnap used to dislike each other. Quackity went after them and heard Karl say that Quackity was the reason he had lost a canon life. He frequently collaborates with fellow Minecraft YouTubers Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, and Dream, and is part and co-founder of the Minecraft Dream SMP server along with other streamers and YouTubers. Sapnap did not believe him and refused to return it. Puffy. After constructing the community pet house, Sapnap put both Kristen and Juni in it. Quackity [QuackityVODS] (October 19, 2020). On March 16, Dream told Quackity, who wanted to resurrect Schlatt after losing a bet with his ghost, that he had burned the book, stating that he had the knowledge memorized and was therefore the only one to know how to resurrect people. They got engaged to each other and to Karl soon after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. Pushed into lava by Purpled on September 14, 2021 (. All deaths will not be described as the Dream SMP wiki describes them. ", "I don't know. [29] Sapnap and Dream killed Tommy and Tubbo in response to L'Manberg's Declaration of Independence. ItzWolfyTDMLIVE [aimsey] (March 30, 2022). Sapnap was reluctant to hand the axe over, as he had wanted to use it for leverage. [133], While Dream was in prison, Sapnap told multiple other server members that he hoped Dream would become better in prison, even though he did see that Dream was not doing good during Sapnap's visit. Tommy told him that Dream had chased him through a forest on the day of the jailbreak. However, he calmed down after Sam explained that somebody might have given Technoblade insider information to help Dream escape. Destroyed, gone. [40], After Karl joined the Dream SMP, Sapnap and Karl became engaged. RavenPytheia 2 yr. ago. [95], Dream's boots. Posted by Maleficent-Seat-617 Sapnap has a serious canon life problem Two months ago Wilbur wrote on this reddit that Sapnap had two canon lives which the Wiki thought was his death to Dream in the Battle of the Lake as you remember. At the end, he mirrored the events of Fundy's bee game, by taking Niki's fish and threatened to burn them and telling Fundy to pick one. Some ending are more interesting then others!! [4][5] Later on, Sapnap came to Tommy and Tubbo's defense at the Disc Confrontation and he offered to protect Tommy during the Pandora's Vault jailbreak. Rudylmao [TommyVODS] (November 14, 2022). While Sapnap threatened to kill Sam's dog Fran during the Items Conflict, Sam forgave him for this. Killed again by Tommy in Dream's vault on January 20, 2021. DreamXD told Sapnap about how he had hidden the Book of Death for so long and nobody had even thought to take it from the chest. He and Sapnap have never lost a Dodgebolt round together. [126] Bad later invited Sapnap to the Red Banquet. Quackity robbed Jschlatt's grave and stole his bones, claiming to want to resurrect him. Sapnap refused to give Dream's equipment back and told him take it off his dead body. Instead of direct fighting, Dream had Sapnap go behind enemy lines and go invisible to throw harming potions at the Pogtopians. GeorgeNotFound Streams (January 17, 2021). [123] He built a nether-themed room for Sapnap. What are you talking about? [71], On July 20, 2021, Sapnap and George met in the Community House. [] We didn't just leave; Karl was supposed to invite you. Sapnap stated that he was born in the Nether. I'm not good at mugging, but what I am good at is killing people. Dream got both the fish back in the end and put them in his ender chest. It was accidentally killed by Sapnap after, Skechers was one of Sapnap's pet foxes. songofecho [CaptainPuffy] (April 18, 2021). They went over to the former location of El Rapids, where they encountered Mexican Dream. On the day of the breakout, Sapnap was hanging around with Punz, Eryn, Michaelmcchill and several other SMP members. sumdood125 [Quackity] (November 28, 2021). [161], Tommy and Sapnap's relationship had a rocky start due to their frequent conflicts over pets. Personality Sapnap is very protective of his allies and friends. [158], Quackity is one of Sapnap's two fiancs. Slimecicle . [4] They got engaged shortly after Karl joined the server. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! [1] This was revealed to be fully canon on one of Tubbo's streams by Wilbur himself. 46. Sapnap then wrote the name of a pet in the book, but the book did not work on pets. Two lives remaining. DreamXD told Sapnap that Foolish knew there was a second book that was not the Revival Book. [113] Afterwards, Sapnap tried to hide his pets, but they were found by Fundy and taken hostage. After winning the 1v1, Sapnap expressed respect for Tommy and listened to him. TommyInnit [TommyVODS] (December 14, 2020). It'll make it hurt less, if that helps somewhat." . The book was once again discussed on March 1, 2021, when Tommy and Dream got into a fight over the existence of the book while Tommy was trapped inside the prison. [22][23], In early July 2020, Sapnap attempted to nudge George off a crafting table in the Community House, unwittingly creating the crafting table meme. [95], Dream's Leggings. Mcyt Headcannons Character List. This plan ultimately failed and Sapnap had to retreat to get his gear. Look, I don't know, maybe, maybe maybe something's wrong with him. Sapnap told Tommy to stay near him so he could protect him. Karl Jacobs VODS [Karl Jacobs] (February 26, 2021). [35] Tommy obtained the sword after Sapnap's death in the Battle of the Lake. lovingnyamjoon [Foolish Gamers] (June 7, 2022). Dream was trying to escape while fighting several server members. After Sapnap burned down a part of, Antfrost and Sapnap generally have a neutral relationship. Quackity [QuackityVODS] (December 12, 2020). In the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, Sapnap fought against Tommy. [130] Since he did not know the Disc Confrontation was staged, Sapnap believed that Dream only wanted power over him and everyone else by taking their possessions. [68], Sapnap founded Kinoko Kingdom along George and Karl. Sapnap thought it might be in his best interest to get rid of Foolish, since Foolish was the only one who could suspect that Sapnap had the Book of Death. [82], A week later, Sapnap encountered Tommy in Tubbo's old house. Dream left the room and said he would figure out where Kinoko was, threatening to blow it up with TNT. [101], After a deal with Tommy during the Final Pet War to end all future conflicts and become allies, Sapnap released Mars into the ocean near Rutabagville per Tommy's request. DREAM TEAM SMP!!! *never before seen* Dream SMP Revolution (behind the scenes) PART 2", "As far as I know all of the canon deaths are as follows (thread): - All deaths in the final control room [] - Tubbo execution []", "Sapnap, Karl and Punz build the Eiffel Tower together (FULL VOD)", "TommyInnit makes Sapnap vote for him on Dream's Minecraft Server", "ELECTION RESULTS DAY!!! 21. While they were on different sides during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, they agreed to remain friends after the war. BrynnaRaye [Karl Jacobs] (November 7, 2020). Sapnap said he believed him and told him about how he had taken Dream's armor and that Dream had threatened Kinoko Kingdom. As a compromise, he made Sapnap write one name of a real person in the book. While this plan failed, they did manage to get their nation recognized as independent in the end. Alyssa is no longer on the server, so technically, she has no canon lives left. Sapnap told George that Dream did not care about them anymore, but Dream denied it and said he only wanted to dethrone George to keep him safe. [54][63] At the Disc Confrontation, Sapnap came to Tubbo and Tommy's defense. [86], Once DreamXD told Sapnap that Dream was in the prison, Sapnap kept asking more questions about how the Book of Death worked. Sapnap streams Minecraft on his main twitch account. [140], Initially, Sapnap and Foolish had a somewhat positive relationship, with the two of them working on Karl's library and putting up posters to promote Kinoko Kingdom. I'm not handing it to you. 11. how many people have said "it was never meant to be"? Sapnap has said he was "born in fire," but it's hard to tell if he actually meant it canonically. [131], When Dream was imprisoned, Sapnap decided to visit him. [111], Helaina is one of Sapnap's three dogs. [125] Bad fought alongside Sapnap during the Battle of the Lake after Bad was framed by Tommy and Dream for burning down the Eiffel Tower. When Wilbur and Tommy started a drug business, Tubbo and Sapnap fought against them to stop them from doing anything illegal. [110] Sapnap got Max back in the end, and put all his pets in a new secret base. Since he had written two names in the book, DreamXD intended to kill Sapnap twice. 13 years. During the Pandora's Vault jailbreak, Sapnap was the first person to message Tubbo about Dream's escape.[166]. Dream Team Streams [Sapnap] (July 16, 2020). I don't know what he's on about! ", "Tommy, you should know I have protective issues over Kinoko Kingdom. He showed Tommy around the kingdom, but Tommy began claiming property as his. [5] This was the reason Tommy didn't kill Dream again, and Dream was locked inside Pandora's Vault instead. dream [@dreamwastaken] via Twitter (January 16, 2021): Fundy Stream Archive [Fundy] (November 5, 2020). Dream said that he did not want to fight, but Sapnap replied he did not trust him anymore since he felt that Dream had left him behind once before. Dream attempted to convince Sapnap that eventually he would get out of prison, continuously writing "eventually". ", "Dream! Hbomb. myfaintedheart [TinaKitten] (October 24, 2021). [58] After Quackity formed the new nation of Mexican L'Manberg on the platform, Sapnap joined as a citizen. ", "Tommy, no matter what happens tomorrow Hopefully we can be friends after it. Sapnap left the prison after promising to visit again. . He was a citizen of El Rapids and Dream SMP and is currently a member of Kinoko Kingdom. [21] Sapnap also built the Courthouse as a way to resolve conflicts peacefully and the Hall of Fame to award his Twitch donors. Sapnap asked him if he was god, which DreamXD confirmed. Upon testing, Sapnap was found to have had a strong resistance against Dreamons. [134] He acknowledged that Dream got messed up from being in prison for that long, but Sapnap still believed that Dream should stay in prison until he got better. [95], Dream's chestplate. He also wears a white bandana around his head. If you break out of this prison? The two often tease each other and are very protective of each other. Fundy = 2 Quackity = 2 Technoblade = 3 Niki = 3 Jack = 3 George = 3 Sapnap = 2 Eret = 3 Badboyhalo = 3 Karl = 3 (this is outdated)", "Jack Manifold on canonically going to hell", "YESS I hope y'all enjoyed it, even though Foolish my beloved didn't make it FOR THE RECORD HE VOLUNTEERED HIMSELF", "[DreamSMP] smithereens (L'manberg Finale)", "TommyInnit Is Actually Depressed in Exile", "Quackity Renames Mexican L'Manberg to El Rapids", "Purpled confirms he did lose a canon life", Wilbur clarifying Techno's life count and explaining Philza's single life, "Quackity & JSchlatt host the Manberg Festival in Dream SMP", "Quackity Prepares to Fight Technoblade (+ Jackbox)", "Chillin on Dream SMP ft. Quackity + GeorgeNotFound", "The deaths at the festival (other than ones that were directly planned, like Tubbos execution) I wouldnt say are canon. Mexican Dream said that he never met him, but that he had had a dream in the Afterlife where George had told him that Quackity had destroyed Mexican L'Manberg. This made Bad upset, but he felt better when Dream replaced the fish. He told them that Dream was escaping and everyone should head to the south side of the prison immediately. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (July 3, 2020). Killed by Awesamdude after being broken out of. Fundy was unsure if Max was actually Sapnap's pet and asked Niki to kill Skechers instead. It took him 4 games of Dodgebolt to lose for the first time, the longest in the tournament. Pushed off the balcony of the Las Nevadas Hotel by Slimecicle on September 10, 2022. [61], At the end of the Green Festival, Dream announced that he would destroy L'Manberg the next day alongside Technoblade. They fought on the same side in both the Pet War and the Second Pet War. xyl3ntwastaken [Karl Jacobs] (April 6, 2021). Tubbo ran away with Squeeks while Punz and Dream tried to defend them from Sapnap. This meant that Sapnap and Punz fought each other occasionally. He started streaming on twitch in February 2020 and continues his Twitch Career. At the end of this conflict, Tommy persuaded Sapnap to release his own pet fish, Mars, and the two promised to end all conflicts involving pets. This meant his loyalty lay only with the Dream SMP. [42] Karl and Sapnap founded Rutabagville and agreed to join Manberg not long after Rutabagville was established. [50] Due to that, they fought together for some time on Schlatt's side during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. Sapnap spotted Niki spawning in withers, which caused a distraction as everyone went to fight them. [108] After all of Sapnap's pets were moved to the community pet house, Dream showed the foxes to Fundy for him to use in the Pet War. This led to the first major event on the server and one of the first trials in the courthouse. Karl told Sapnap as the head of military to make Quackity leave Kinoko, because he saw Quackity as nothing but a murderer. [77], Quackity was confused and got upset when Karl said he had no memories of Quackity except for him being the reason that Karl had died. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (May 15, 2020). Nonetheless, he revealed that it was just a trick and he gave Fundy the fish, telling him that he fought well. During negotiations with Dream, Sapnap and Quackity argued fiercely for recognition of their country. He said he had no idea where Quackity was but that he was scared that Quackity might kill him. [165] However, Tubbo eventually joined L'Manberg instead. Sapnap considered asking Dream to work together to kill Foolish. During the Final Pet War, Sapnap took Tommy to see his pets and told him to kill them to prove he was on the same pet-killing level as Sapnap. I recommend you take my "Whose Side Are You On In The Dream SMP?" quiz first, as you will need to know your answer to that quiz for the next question. They briefly fought, but Dream ran away and Sapnap lost track of him. In exchange, if Sapnap were to kill Dream then, he would have to die permanently without going to limbo. After doing so, he unexpectedly summoned DreamXD. I just think George, I just I just think we're better off without him. RavenPytheia 2 yr. ago. Hiiiiiii!! He's originally from Texas, but he currently lives in Florida. DreamXD proposed that he would give Sapnap the location of Dream, but if he then killed Dream, Sapnap would have to die permanently. [35], They fought on opposite sides once again during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but Sapnap joined Tubbo's side in the Doomsday War. Sapnap attempted to mediate between the two but was unable to stop the argument. lovingnyamjoon [Foolish Gamers] (February 5, 2022). He also wears a white bandana around his head. Mexican Dream then took Sapnap and George to the outskirts of Las Nevadas, where he warned them not to go in. [103], Max is Sapnap's last remaining pet fox. Ranboo. This made Sapnap believe that Dream did not care about him or George anymore either, although Dream denied that this was true. After some more fighting, Sapnap and Punz came to an agreement and everyone's items were returned. This led to a confrontation between Sapnap and Tommy in which Sapnap started to attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully, marking a change in character in Sapnap. Blown up by Project Early Dawn nuke November 13, 2022. u/WilburSoot via Reddit (December 4, 2020): Quackity [QuackityVODS] (November 23, 2020). So far, it has been assumed due to a comment Bad once made that he technically has infinite canon lives, and can only die when Skeppy dies three times. During the Pandora's Vault jailbreak, Sapnap got angry at Sam for letting Dream escape. Dream explained that he got out of prison because he was getting tortured by Quackity for information on the Revival Book. Sapnap took Dream to Pandora's Vault along with Awesamdude and BadBoyHalo. ", "TommyInnit, Dream & Sapnap's PET WAR FINALE", "Tubbo And TommyInnit Start To Break Apart", "Tommy & Wilbur make Tubbo a gift and he hates it", "New beginnings - Dream SMP (2020/12/01)", "Quackity Creates Mexican L'Manberg With GeorgeNotFound", "TUBBO VOD (12/12/2020) the one where tubbo gets squeaks and fundy leaves lmanburg ft. Dream, Sapnap+", "Tommy's Dream SMP Is Obliterated by Technoblade", "After The Tales: Finding new Lands and moving the Library", "The Green Smile That Haunts Me (Dream SMP Lore)", "TommyInnit, Technoblade & Tubbo TURN on each other (dream smp)", "TommyInnit FIGHTS Dream & Technoblade (GRAND FINALE)", "Late Thanksgiving Stream On Dream SMP ( Lore ) Finale Sapnap Twitch Live Stream [ Full ] 29/11/21", "Most of GeorgeNotFound's first twitch stream", "Dream's 9th Minecraft Livestream [FULL] WR speedrunning attempts And Survival World", "Moving Pandas w/ Antfrost (Dream SMP) BadBoyHalo Stream", "Full Punz Lore Stream - November 28, 2021", "TommyInnit & Sapnap accidentally betray Ponk (dream smp)", "DREAM SMP Locking Mechanisms in the prison! Sapnap told Karl that Kinoko Kingdom needed to prepare for war because Dream would be coming for them. [113] Sapnap hid Kristen and his other pets, but Fundy found them and took them hostage. Dream Team Streams [Sapnap] (July 1, 2020). He tried to convince Sapnap to give him his armor, but Sapnap refused. During the visit, Dream was on strike and only communicated with Sapnap through a book. Examples of these non-canon deaths include fatalities such as when Awesamdude was killed during a mock battle between him and Dream, when Quackity died to lava getting netherite, or when Tubbo continued to die of fall damage while working on the ocean monument. TommyInnit [TommyVODS] (January 21, 2021). Sapnap eventually visited Quackity's country of Las Nevadas and invited him to Kinoko Kingdom to talk to Karl and George about the issue. Sapnap was a member of El Rapids, while Punz was Dream's spy and second in command. [140] A while later, Foolish asked Dream if he could perhaps kill people for him in exchange for Quackity's location. While showing Quackity around Kinoko, Sapnap tried to get Quackity to join the kingdom, though Quackity did not feel like doing so. Rudylmao [TommyVODS] (November 12, 2022). Sapnap wanted to search for Quackity, since they had not seen him in a long time. [111], One of Sapnap's dogs. Then in January 17,2021 his death was removed. [27] Sapnap and TommyInnit repeatedly killed the two after they retaliated by burning Sapnap's house. Awesamdude. [95], Dream's axe. ", "Dream, if you try and break out early you know you only have one life left. He repeatedly asked Sapnap to kill BadBoyHalo, but Sapnap refused to do so. He was surprised to learn from Mexican Dream that Quackity had destroyed the remains of Mexican L'Manberg. Also, warning, there are mentions of death throughout this quiz, so be careful! [52], During the Exile Conflict, Sapnap was angry at Tommy for burning down George's house. Tommy and Sapnap decided to work together to kill Dream. George sided with Sapnap during this argument and thought that Dream hated him. Since he was disappointed that Sapnap did not kill Bad, DreamXD decided to leave and disappeared. In the case, Sapnap argued against George by stating that George had started the conflict by stealing Joffrey. [81], Sapnap rushed back to Kinoko Kingdom to meet Karl. [88], DreamXD kept telling Sapnap to kill BadBoyHalo, which Sapnap refused to do. ", "TommyInnit actually kills Dream in Minecraft", "I Started a Revolution on the Dream SMP", "TommyInnit & WilburSoot Start A REVOLUTION On Dream's Minecraft Server", "Dream declares WAR on the Dream Team SMP world Dream SMP Ep. [124], Sapnap and Bad are good friends. A while later, he showed the base to Tommy and told him to kill the pets to prove that Tommy was just as much a pet killer as Sapnap. I can't I'm not letting this one go. [73], They tried to revive Mexican Dream with a totem of undying, but this ultimately led to Mexican Dream going through several alter-egos until they managed to bring his normal personality back. TommyInnit [TommyVODS] (November 17, 2020). You can sit here and try and negotiate with me all you want, I'm not budging. It was in the. [142] Foolish also built many of the buildings in Kinoko Kingdom. Note: Some characters, although they have not had an on-screen canon death, may have had previous deaths that are also considered canon.
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