Elsevier, Application Engineer at Deseret Digital Media Thank you. our ContactOut Chrome extension. Next show starts in 37 minutes. Anonymous. In September, Sununu promised to sue the Biden administration over vaccine requirements. In other words, those ballots were clearly illegal and illegitimate. Form connections. It is just the latest example of how Sununu is more politically isolated than at any . He lied. This button displays the currently selected search type. This is false and frankly, ludicrous on many levels. Before launching his media career, Mr. Kuhner taught modern American history at McGill University (1998-2000). We went 'in'-to the silence after months of noise that had been created by me suppressing & repressing feelings and emotions over the years. The Kuhner Report's Jeff Kuhner breaks down all of the stories that got left on the editor's room floor. That's when he sicced his cops, his little Gestapo thugs and started arresting people left, right and center. That was the whole thing. We chatted about their similar experiences, their relationships and both thanked me for opening up and sharing my perspective and vulnerability. Not Authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. google_ad_client = "pub-9945337162717206"; Pause. Interactive Data Corp (global financial services provider), Junior Software Developer at Alchemetrics Well, who's forcing them to mandate the vaccine? That's communism. He actively encourages violence against liberals, and government. Boston's Patriots are RISING! The heart of their argument is that Trump incited an insurrection on Jan. 6, when rioters stormed the Capitol building. Americans must awaken to this fundamental assault before its too late. The result has been millions dead over 500,000 in the U.S. alone and the destruction of the Wests economy. The WRKO Box Office is open for business! Shed your mask. The FBI and Capitol Hill police now admit the riot was planned several days before Jan. 6. The Democrats, however, are consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome. He no longer holds office. Refresh and try again. Feb 20 Where would you rather spend U.S. tax dollars: Ukraine 3.5% East Palestine, OH 96.5% Citi, Exeuctive Vice President and General Counsel at Clean Line Energy 167 ratings Green Enterprises ADB (UK) Limited, Enjoy unlimited access at As the tears started to form and freely flow from my eyes, I finally spoke mindfully about not only my suffering but the suffering that I put my partner, family and friends through. published, avg rating 4.42 On the 4th day, as I sat in a circle with Nuns, Monks, and other lay-friends at the Upper Hamlet, I broke the silence and decided to share first. Each violation would constitute a fine of $100. Thanks from World Tribune correspondents and staff! Baker emphasized that while the state was seeing some results from its mitigation efforts, state leaders would still rely on data to make final decisions about when to reopen. published 1890, avg rating 4.36 Elenchus Technologies, Manager of Quantitative Research Team at Citi Caller (Maria) [00:00:06] Hi, Joe. Trump is the radical Lefts sacrificial lamb in their quest to create an authoritarian, socialist America. LinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non-essential cookies to provide, secure, analyze and improve our Services, and to show you relevant ads (including professional and job ads) on and off LinkedIn. NEW TEXT LINE!!! Mitchell Homes, Software Development Engineer at Amazon He's a moron because, Maria, he doesn't have the guts, the courage to stand up, and he thinks he's going to run against Maggie Hassan in 2022. Chart. published 2012, avg rating 4.40 While a report is expected from the advisory group by May 18, "public health data and guidance from health care experts will dictate the timeline of the reopening process.". ARRIVE LOGISTICS, Associate Human Resources Business Partner at Hertz million verified professionals across 35 million companies. In fact, Trumps former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has dropped a bombshell. at Think about how insane this guy is now. at at Jeff Kuhner's phone (206) ***-*205 What industry does Jeff Kuhner work in? Conservatives have protested Sununu three different times and demanded that he do more to oppose commonsense vaccine and testing requirements. Jeff Kuhner, host of WRKO's The Kuhner Report, brings you his latest column: Covid Vaccine Passports Come to America: Gov. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out.". We did not prepare. His replacement is his producer Sandy Shack, who is valiantly carrying on his fight. Green Enterprises, Vice President at Managepoint This is the real meaning of their impeachment drive. Hi. Mike Lindell, the CEO and president of My Pillow, has produced a two-hour documentary, Absolute Proof, detailing through numerous witnesses and election experts that rampant voter fraud was committed, especially in key battleground states. According to him, DeSantis is now a communist. We do not have a podcast listed for Jeff Kuhner. at The platform also offers up-to-the-minute news, opinions, sports, Find contact details for 700 million professionals. In April, Baker said he had formed a Reopening Advisory Board for Massachusetts which would, according to a press release, advise the administration "on strategies to reopen the economy in phases based on health and safety metrics." Stupid. published 2016, avg rating 4.06 "The Kuhner Man," aka "The Boston Bulldozer - cleaning up the liberal bull" was greeted by what he has repeatedly termed "the best audience in the business." 244 ratings The United States is sliding toward a progressive authoritarian state. You may change someone's life. So why don't you stand up for the rights of your citizens who are now going to lose their jobs and their livelihood? Up to 5 His essential type of revenue is his profession as a Radio Personality, Journalist, and Commentator. Boston's #1 Talk Show Host Jeff Kuhner returned to the airwaves at Boston's iconic 680AM WRKO this a.m. following a three week absence. Andrew Cuomo launches the first program. Jeff Kuhner [00:02:04] And I'll tell you why, Maria, because he's a gutless coward, because he can't defend the indefensible. In case you missed it, conservative Boston radio host Jeff Kuhner last week slammed Sununu as "a gutless coward," who is"destroying his support among his base," and he said that "Sununu is dead to me.". The Gateway Pundit, a conservative blog and website, has obtained official video footage from the TCF Center in Detroit the night of the election. A real-time news service made available for a nominal subscription fee to all publishers regardless of size. Hence, if [], FPI / October 11, 2019 Jeffrey T. Kuhner President Trump is again under siege from the Beltway elite. Pass the word around. Give it a try - I bet you will be able to reconcile differences and repair relationships. Text "WRKO" and Your Message to 70470 to Reach Us! They have crossed the Rubicon, which will haunt this country . We just showed up with an open mind, with no preconceived notions, with no agenda (sometimes hard for type A people). We did not read teachings prior. In fact, she should be arrested for inciting riots and violence. Clean Line Energy Partners, Mobile Technology Lead at American Family Insurance For me, I decided to start with a somatic check-in to ground myself (thanks to my work with #EVRYMAN), I said "I feel my heart starting to beat faster and my feet feel cold." Discover Jeff Kuhner's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. He is responsible for one of the greatest crimes in world history: Funding the Wuhan lab in China that led to the release of the coronavirus. Collins Aerospace, Alcott Rehabilitation Hospital I'm a communist. Jeff Kuhner (@TheKuhnerReport) May 4, 2020 Kuhner also spoke at the protest, referring to the governor as "King Charlie 'Faker.'" "You are not our dictator and we are not your servants,". R.D. Distributed by TribuneServices. His crime? 3,419 ratings They are responsible for the breakdown in Capitol security that led to the tragic deaths of five people. This can be put in practice in your everyday life with your partner, friends, family, even co-workers by following these 4 "easy" steps. That's literally communism. well as phone numbers accurately with published 1993, Debunking the 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America (ebook), The Return: TRUMP'S BIG 2024 COMEBACK (Kindle Edition), The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human (Kindle Edition), January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right (Kindle Edition), The Last Punisher: A SEAL Team Three Sniper's True Account of the Battle of Ramadi (ebook), The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights and Other Appreciations (Hardcover). You can update your choices at any time in your settings. Donald Trump is a communist. Hertz, Experienced FP&A and Project Mgr. To alert special friends and family please email the link to this article. FDR placed Japanese-Americans into internment camps, illegally surveilled and wiretapped his political opponents, and handed Eastern Europe over to Stalins communist butchers. . DIRECTV, Software Engineer at Warner Bros. Digital Labs And we've been to every rally, every meeting and there. Jeffrey Kuhner (Full Name: Jeffrey Thomas Kuhner) is an American journalist and radio personality. You must be logged in to post a comment at Mail Shark, Student at University of North Florida Jeffrey T. Kuhner, "Liberalism's Worst Nightmare," is the host of The Kuhner Report. 17,365 ratings Jeff Kuhner Net worth Jeff's total assets are assessed to be between $1 million and 5 million dollars starting in 2020. Palantir Technologies, Account Manager at ADB (UK) Limited Alchemetrics, Software Development Manager at Depop John McCain. According to Gov. at The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights and Other Appreciations (Hardcover) by. Baker announced an order Friday for all Massachusetts residents over the age of 2 to wear face masks in public situations where the maintenance of social distancing guidelines is not feasible. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Democrats are setting an ominous precedent by holding a Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. This incorporates his resources, cash, and pay. . Long pause. Jeff Kuhner (Jeffrey Thomas Kuhner) was born on 1 September, 1969 in Montreal, Canada, is a Radio talk show hostCommentatorJournalist. at at Candidate Geoff Diehl, and Republican Chair Jim Lyons will be just some of the featured speakers at a "Freedom Rally" sponsored by The Boston Read More September 8, 2021 admin Comments (23) Kuhner Why Liberals are Anti-Semitic - Democrats Have Become the Party of Jew Haters Jeff Kuhner: Maria in New Hampshire, thanks for holding Maria and welcome. It's Biden's federal vaccine mandate. He had been sidelined by COVID-19. "We do believe and buy into the guidance that we've gotten from experts in the field that you need to see downward trends in a number of key indices associated with this virus for some period of time before you can actually reopen, and that's the reason why we created the reopening task force, and it's why we've spent so much time working with our colleagues in the health care community to develop a set of indices that we report on every single day," Baker said during a Monday news briefing. at He says, No, no, that's not socialism. Ominous week marked by 'irrefutable proof' Trump spoke truth, GOP should evict this never-Trumper ingrate, Left in Massachusetts take aim at . nujob, Strategy | Operations | Entrepreneurship I Ex-Rocket Internet | MBA TOPIC TAGS. Project Superintendent extrodenaire google_ad_width = 300; Former President Donald Trump is back. at "And as I said in my remarks, you know, after a really long time of not seeing much positive traction at all with regard to those measures, in the course of the past few days, we've actually started to see some positive downward trends," Baker continued. A few minutes later, I received the following text "My feeling is just do it or not and just be open to it and not deep dive.". Caller (Maria) [00:01:52] Yes. Boston's Patriots are RISING! I ended my share smiling and saying that I was excited about the future and bringing mindfulness practices that we learned throughout the week into our home life; whether through meditation, beginning anew practice and also learning to accept imperfection. If you enjoyed this article wed really appreciate a quick share. at Newsweek reached out to both Kuhner and Governor Baker's office for comment. Jeff Kuhner usually plays coy, and treads the line, but he has been getting worse. {{ userNotificationState.getAlertCount('bell') }}. Face coverings are also required by any individual using Massachusetts mass transit. Last Thursday evening it was not surprising to hear Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times filling for Dr. Michael Savage on his popular, nationally syndicated radio show, The Savage Nation, because Jeff regularly fills in for Dr. Savage, and he does an excellent job. published, avg rating 3.79 Jeffrey T. Kuhner, "Liberalism's Worst Nightmare," is a conservative nationalist, who champions God, country and family. One person you know, one person said, Oh, that's socialism. at Previously, he worked as an assistant national editor at The Washington Times from 2000 to 2003. Moneyfarm, Sr. Network Architect at Interactive Data Corp Jeffrey Thomas "Jeff" Kuhner (born 1 September 1969) is an American talk radio host and political commentator, heard on weekdays from 6 am to 10 am on WRKO AM 680 in Boston, Massachusetts.He was the editor of Insight on the News and a regular contributor to the commentary pages of The Washington Times, and his articles have appeared in Human Events, National Review Online and Investor's . 2,257,798 ratings KPMG UK, Data Scientist at BAE Systems Employees at essential businesses must also wear face masks. Distribution by TribuneServices. It was early December and I received a text from my partner with a link and nothing else:"Winter Retreat at Plum Village." Please contribute to help our dear friend, and COMFLM f. Republication rights are for text only. Dr. Anthony Fauci must go. 111 ratings His policies are putting U.S. lives in grave danger. Hence, according to the House managers, the former president committed the most grievous constitutional crime in U.S. history. It offers exclusive reporting and in-depth national political coverage, enterprise and investigative reporting, geo-strategic and national security news as well as cultural coverage based on traditional values. (business & personal). Caller (Maria) [00:01:28] We weren't allowed to talk. published, avg rating 4.59 He currently serves as WRKO 680 host and political commentator of The Kuhner Report which airs from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 10 am. #MAGA #Bostonlibertyrally, Kuhner also spoke at the protest, referring to the governor as "King Charlie 'Faker. Bringing it full circle - please do not forget to check in with your friends, and family and co-workers. that there wasn't a vaccine mandate in New Hampshire. I took a breath in and a breath out. If you're not automatically redirected, please click here. And by extension neither do his supporters. Seriously. So let me get this. published, avg rating 4.64 Montrose Healthcare Center, Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Boxed Monzo Bank, Assistant Manager - Financial Crime By sharing my personal journey, I hope that it encourages others to relax, open up, connect (especially those middle age men out there that may be suppressing their . Learn more in our Cookie Policy. . If Trump is convicted, the First Amendment and all of its protections will be abrogated. Do the hard work. No credit card required. Therefore, he cannot be tried by the Senate. and discover candidates outside of LinkedIn, Trusted by 400K users from 76% of Fortune 500 companies, Find anyone, anywherewith ContactOut today. at Stress started to subside as soon as we stepped foot onto the silent, scenic and rustic farmstead. at Their hatred for Trump is so deep and irrational, they are now willing to trample upon the Constitution, violate his due process rights and overthrow 240 years of legal precedent and tradition. Deseret Digital Media, Infection Prevention Epidemiologist That's thats the solution, and Sununu said you're calling Biden, what he's doing, tyranny and you want me to do the same thing, I'm not going to force private employers to do what I want them to do. Oh tell me more about the meditation retreat. In September, Sununu, The revolt on his right and his sliding approval among independents have emerged as a major political challenge for Sununu as he prepares a likely run for the US Senate. //-->, Trump announces trade platform that takes sledgehammer to globalism, China Select Committee chair: We must act with a sense of urgency, Under legal pressure, L.A. county removes 1.2 million ineligible voters from rolls, Seouls leader reminds intelligence agency that nations security is top priority, Vermont girls basketball team forfeits rather than play against team with biological male, Report: Wisconsin leftists deploy app in 'brazen election bribery scheme', Dr. Li Meng Yan: Accidental leak? at Jeffrey Kuhner. at Follow Email There are currently no active streams for Jeff Kuhner. published 1937, avg rating 4.13 Progressive Democrats now want to ban the documentary. Jeffrey T. Kuhner, "Liberalism's Worst Nightmare," is a conservative nationalist, who champions God, country and family. Don't let them! No credit card required. This should be the biggest story in America, and here is why! toptalkradio. Rate this book. toptalkradio. It is a frontal assault on free speech, free expression and open debate in a democratic society. There is Jeff and then there are the others also enjoy Howie . Jeff Kuhner works in the Newspapers industry. Want to help revive the Free Press in America? Yet, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media (but I repeat myself) argue that Trumps real incitement to insurrection occurred right after Nov. 3 and for months afterwards, when he consistently accused the Biden campaign of engaging in rampant voter fraud and stealing the election. You see first, he said nobody was getting fired over the vaccine. He can be reached via email at jeffreykuhner@iheartmedia.com. Their objective is propaganda; to use impeachment as a political weapon to criminalize Trump and his supporters. My therapist gave me one piece of advice before I left and said to remember this: "Breathing in, I know I am in breathing in. /* 300x250, created 7/16/10 */ Jeff Kuhner's Professional Skills Radar Another reminder that others are experiencing similar challenges out there in the world and to embrace connection. Thats right: denied. Look deep inside. He was the assistant national editor atThe Times(2000-2003). Resolute Anesthesia & Pain Solutions, Marketing Intern at G.O. Optima Systems Ltd, Information Technology and Services Professional Location Wrentham, Massachusetts, United States Skills Columnist Journalism Press Releases see more #criminalcartel. Fast forward one month. Thank you for sharing this! At the end of the session, I was approached by two separate men asking if they could speak to me about what I had just talked about. at ", "Massachusetts is the cradle of liberty where America's revolt against tyrannical government began," read a website designed to promote the demonstration. Find accurate personal and work emails for over 250M professionals. The Independent, Trainee Programmer at Optima Systems Ltd Connectingwith key decision-makers? Olson Construction, Inc. National Account Executive at Arrive Logistics Learn How rich is He in this year and how He spends money? Joseph 2022-11-17 13:03:51. at That's by the way, that's communism. at 335 ratings PFERD North America, Front-end Developer at Mail Shark #HillaryGate. at This is the ultimate objective of the impeachment trial: to criminalize the notion that electoral theft and voter fraud occurred during the 2020 election, making it tantamount to sedition or treason. at Jeffrey T. Kuhner Democrats are setting an ominous precedent by holding a Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. He must be acquitted. And I wish I was there because I would have said, excuse me, governor, as someone whose parents and grandparents directly experienced communism, you don't know what you're talking about. Paid for and maintained by the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Boston's Bulldozer Jeff Kuhner and Gov. Jeff Kuhner is a radio talk show host on Boston's WRKO, heard each weekday morning from 6-10 throughout New England, and a columnist at Free Press International. The host may submit an RSS feed to their podcasts here TOPIC TAGS toptalkradio #HillaryGate Anonymous #JeffKuhner Anonymous Error rating book. Experiencing the Sangha was definitely something special. Woodrow Wilson threw thousands of anti-war dissidents into prison for years and lied the United States into entering the First World War resulting in the deaths of over 116,000 U.S. soldiers. Listen to Kuhner's rant against Sununu here. Read his full column, here. published 2018, avg rating 3.87 Be okay with imperfections. lbdesign, Buyer/Planner III - Forgings & Raw Material at United Technologies Sears Holdings Corporation, Manufacturing Engineer at Pferd This morning he and his guests made the case for why Liberals are the most dangerous group to America. Listen to Kuhners rant against Sununu here. The Utah Republican should be thrown out of the GOP. He sees himself as a political [], FPI / October 20, 2019 Jeffrey T. Kuhner Liberals want to ban balloons in Massachusetts. It is a show trial a kangaroo court masquerading as a valid impeachment. Away from our children, away from our devices; and away from our everyday life that had been recently consumed with long difficult conversations and discoveries. Only in an Orwellian totalitarian world does calling for people to peacefully and patriotically express their grievances equal violence, incitement and domestic terrorism. This was the real message of his Sunday speech to CPAC. I spoke about my recent physical transformation fueled by #75hard that helped clear my mind - which allowed me to be in there in the present moment. He was talking about a flower shop and takes over the flower shop. Depop, Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies Welcome back. address is [emailprotected]***.***. BOSTON A Boston talk radio host who used his show to oppose measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus has reportedly been infected with COVID-19. In fact, he's so stupid. The attempt to impeach Trump is to deflect blame for the real culprits of the tragedy that took place on Jan. 6. 5 free lookups per month. "Don't let them! Jeff Kuhner | TalkStreamLive Jeff Kuhner Listen Line: 631-359-8186 Favorites Visit Website View Gadgets STREAMS FOR Jeff Kuhner WRKO-AM 50 minutes remaining Boston PODCASTS We do not have a podcast listed for Jeff Kuhner. Deloitte, Account Director at Premier Talent Partners The Kuhner Report iHeartRadio On-Demand News 4.6 184 Ratings; Jeffrey T. Kuhner, "Liberalism's Worst Nightmare," is a conservative .
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