So I loaded two rounds at 51 gr just for pressure and speed check . i took the shot laying down and using the bi-pod which in the past i have spent a lot of time shooting in FTR class . The barrel is on its last legs but it still might be fun. After an 8 shot ladder test looking for pressure I picked a load and shot a .27" 3 shot group at 100 then a 2.5" 3 shot group at 607 yards. Christopher Wambeke Overall very happy with this bullet! October 22, 2022. I do have Winchester 748 and Winchester 760 powders but dont seem to work effectively for me. toby.spruce It may not display this or other websites correctly. Best I could ever get was 7/8 ONCE. I'm new to reloading. Then we took a good look down the barrel and noticed all the damage to the rifling. Bullet impacted his hip joint where it attaches the spine, took out both feromal arties. So 9 rounds and load development is done! Im 20-25 th off the lands . I'm a hammer bullet fan for life. Make a 6 foot thick sandwich using plywood. The buck my wife shot this year with this combo only went about 10 yards with minimal bloodshot. Total decimation in short. Mark Grimes It was about a 75-yard shot, the bullet entered just in front of the right shoulder, and exited just behind the left. I will be using these on Colorado deer this fall. With a slightly larger 2mm hollow point this bullet will have more consistent low vel impact performance. Just tried out for first time hog hunting with complete pass though at 350yds. Took out all the valves off the top of the heart, jellied one small portion of one lung. .338L.M The greatest success I had prior to trying out the Hammer Hunter 260 was with a competitors 265gr bullet billed as a "long range" and it still wouldn't print inside a 3/4 inch at 100 yards on the best day after exhaustive load development. The bullet hit a bit high, and entered six inches in front of his hind quarter. 3205 ft/second . Shane Staples It is absolute coyote destroyer. Description The Berger Classic Hunting bullets are specially designed to conform to SAAMI industry dimensional standards. Largest group shot with that load was 0.38" at 100yrds, typical groups run closer to 0.25" using federal match primers vs remington. I split the difference between some closely weighted loading data for my starter load. 243 Win. Loads for both use H4831 a grain off max, and have used 4350 with similar accuracy just a little lower velocity. October 28, 2022, My daughter finally drew blood eith Hammers. I guess that will do. I know it seems hot, but the load didn't show pressure issues until 30.5grs. If you go to the Hammer Forum there is a ton of info available on loads, how to, etc. 44.5 of RL16 prints tiny groups in every gun I have tried it in. (verified owner) March 26, 2019. Hammer Bullets. JIm Knaub-Philipsburg,Mt, 378fan The max size allowed is : 4 MB. Always start low and work up! Maybe I can play more after season. Thanks Steve for starting this thread..Good Info! Have not hunted with it yet. Apr 30, 2016 1,849 2,083. I cannot wait to finish working up a load for these bullets. I have been holding off on writing this review until I saw how it performed on animals. I chose this bullet for my 6.5 CM due to it's BC and velocity when pushed with Winchester 6.5 StaBall. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Showed slight signs of pressure. March 12, 2021, Run this bullet in a 220 Ai at 3750 fps it shoots 1 hole groups at 100 yds. I loaded it @ 4000fps in my 220 Swift ,1-14 twist Remington , my first 5 shot group at 100 yards were one small hole less than dime size , I have shot a couple beavers and one coyote with complete pass throughs for such a small bullet it is very impressive, I will be buying more, If you can shoot and your rifle is capable load development etc most accurate bullet I've ever loaded bug hole groups 50 plus yrs loading experience, MATTHEW DICKEY (verified owner) November 26, 2022. I was about to take the rifle to the smith to get it blueprinted and re-barreled when I heard about the 121 Heavy Hammers. With a higher B.C. Very easy to load. Use multiple resources before deciding a safe load development. I can't wait to finish out this load to maximum velocity's and see what she can do. 12% OFF Bullets. Lee Woiteshek The shot left a pretty clean 1' hole after hitting the near-side shoulder. These bullets all have 1.5mm hollow point and are typically 60%-70% weight retention. Perfect These bullets are money well spent. Continued load development rewarded me with a repeatable 0.5moa rifle, with these 174s clocking in at 3380 FPS. 6.5mm (0.264") bullet diameter. (verified owner) March 4, 2022. However, with Steve's expert advice, I looked for a > 90% case fill ratio and a burn rate in the RL15 range - "start at max and walk it up". I did find by using a drop tube I can get 1.8 grains of more powder in the case before I run into the same problem . These bullets are slightly more pricey than most but pay for themselves and then some. Nosler brass @ 2.714" or Will purchase again. Accuracy was great and 6 animals taken last year. ruger american predator 6.5cm. Federal match small primer hole just gets a little bigger . Re: Reloading the .35 whelen. All were very fast kills. Very easy to load for like any Hammer bullet I have used, just seat them .010 off lands start low and work up on powder charge and you will have it. (verified owner) March 10, 2020. The bearing surface of the bullet incorporates the patented PDR design (parabolic drag reduction). Looking forward to on game performance. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I grudgingly switched to these when Barnes became unavailable and Im happy I made the switch. I just finished a multi-day long-range hunting class and absolutely hammered it. in my 6mm GT, equal to my best 88 gr. The first doe was a neck shot at 185 and she took 2 steps and hit the ground. Shock Hammer Absolute Hammer If you do not see something you desire on our web site, email us and we shall take care of your customized order. I started loading Hammer bullets in my 7 STW. When I say new, I mean I've reloaded less than 40 rounds. Really happy Hammer made a bullet that works with this slow twist Savage. I thought you were originally loading for the 131gr Hammer Hunter. There is a very comprehensive, up to date list of hammer load data over on the long range hunting site . Hit one rib, recovered bullet in the hide. 1- 10 rifiling did not work with 60 gr. Ive had excellent results backing down a couple grains from max load and laddering .01 grains for accuracy and not messing with seating depth. I will never achieve that . It held together. I had never tried the Absolute Hammer line of bullets I ordered a box and talked with some fellow Hammer shooters on facebook. Seldom do they shoot over .6". October 10, 2022. The second doe came broadside at 235 and went 15 yards after a hitting her behind the shoulder. Plan to use for turkey and predators. Thank you!! 57.5 gr of 4831sc seemed to work the best of the 3 powders I tried. SD 2.0. Just ordered some more for this next hunting season. I was leaving for deer camp in 4 days and couldn't find any loaded ammo anywhere on the shelf. Perfect bullet for my needs. 257 Wby with Hammer Bullets Shoots! Have used the120 Hammer Hunter in CA Arms Ridge line to take the last six deer I've killed. Mar 21, 2021 #7 M mtmuley Well-known member Joined Jan 11, 2009 Messages In the dirt. Joined Dec 25, 2017 Messages 356 Location SE Mo. They seemed to shoot ok from an off-hand position at 25 yards, so I loaded up the rest for my class. 335 powder is really nice in this cartridge. Im using V N120 . I'm pushing them over 3000 without pressure and getting half inch groups. Could not be happier with the results. 007 - CX Bullets -. Personal preference, of course, but I like easy tracking in eastern woods. He was shooting my 20 proof barreled 7 saum. Companies may update components such as powders, internal case capacity, and primers. September 24, 2021, Jeff Hedgpeth Ill start with these: Looking for 7mm Rem Mag data with the 146hh. The receivers on these rifles are notoriously weak. No data is published and most preferred powders for similar weight bullets are unavailable. We are offering a 10% military discount for current and former members of the military. Sample size of 1, but this bullets terminal performance out of an 18 300 HAMR was much better than a 110 grain pill from another maker. (verified owner) January 3, 2022. A friend of mine in east Texas near Sam Rayburn is making hog heaven very crowded. The load I settled on was 60.0 gr IMR 4350 pushing the bullet just over 3300 FPS. Load development was easy, and the b.c given is spot on with my setup. I worked out a pretty good load of 45 gr of TAC and seated at 2,750. I have RL-22, IMR 7828 SSC and H4831SC. FPS 3265. Small entry hole just in front of the near side rear quarter and about a 1" exit at the back edge of the far side front quarter and lots of damage to everything on the inside. Steve was great about calling me back to give me a starting point. With this rifle and a 22'' barrel the 85g Hammer Hunter is traveling 3500fps with 49g of Varget, the group is .8 at a 100yards and will continue with a Nosler data is pretty hot data and will line up pretty close with the Hammers. with SD of 7.5, and ES of 15. If not I will just do some ladder testing. A continuous up and down curve, Hammer Bullets and Trophy Game Safaris have teamed up to offer 10% discount on safaris for customers hunting with Hammer Our original line of bullets. The shot connected with the upper shoulder and spine dropping her. I got groups I could cover with a dime. dmhittconstruction It was a tough angle of a shot that most bullets would have created much more meat loss, with the Hammer Hunter it was minimal to none. I think as long as you are good at reading pressure signs your good to go. I did shoot those two, they all so hit in the same hole as the other four previous . April 4, 2021. Still need to chrono what's coming out of the tube. And Im totally confident in their terminal performance on elk. Had slight pressure signs with the biggest charge, so I went with the lower option and haven't looked back. Way way less meat damage than the old load with 168gr Berger. 3024 FPS Use faster powders and run em hard. Another good source of Hammer reload data. Had some Reloder 7 laying around and tried it at 23 grains. O.V.A.L @ 3.885" The great guys at Hammer said to try the 200gr ShockHammers. (verified owner) June 10, 2022.
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